Service Management

An excellent service operation for our international customers who has market share and customers in Turkey. All aftersales operations like service, warranty, repair and warehousing is administrated by our service organization.

These operations are carried out with our trained and highly qualified professionals. Our engineers are located as hubs in different cities and use CRM based ticket system to bring effective solutions to the customers in shortest time to ensure highest satisfaction level.

While our team deals with all technical problems with accuracy on the other hand work safety is always their priority.

Service Management Steps:

• Support and solution Center
• Warranty handling
• Repair
• Customs
• Warehousing
• Commissioning
• Maintenance

Our Partner-SMA:
SMA Solar AG which is a leading global expert in photovoltaic system technologies and energy solutions, has been carrying out service operations through DEKOM AS within the scope of service partner agreement since 2013.

Our team not only has operations in Turkey but also provides support internationally. Commissioning and maintenance of solar power plants are carried out by our experienced and professional engineers with great care.

Countries we have supported:

• In Middle East: Jordan, Israel, Iran
• In Oceania: Australia
• In Far East: Vietnam, Myanmar
• In Northern Europe: Ukraine
• In South Asia: Pakistan
• In Africa: Mali

ZTE Turkey serves in telecommunications infrastructure, software, enterprise network solutions, M2M, data transmission devices, mobile phone and tablet manufacturing sectors. ZTE has executed Wi Max, Fiber Kent (Turk Telekom), NEC Replacement (Turk Telekom ATM-IP), NGN Turk Telekom, Rectifier (Turk Telekom) Projects with Turkey Republic.
ZTE has partnership with all GSM and fixed line operators in the national area and has provided products and services to Turkcell, Vodafoe, Avea, TTnet. ZTE committed to provide aftersales support and service to customers on all enterprise products (TTNET 1 million ADSL and VDSL modems project), enterprise switch products, WLAN access gateways, video conferencing equipment, and industrial cameras with highest quality.

Dekom AŞ successfully performs the warranty, failure, maintenance, customs and storage services of ZTE products within the framework of the Service Partner agreement with ZTE.

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