Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS): ( Service Management, Product Support )

Customs Clearance, Storage, Packaging and Shipment, Technical Support, Preventive and Corrective maintenance, Spare Parts Support, We offer Personnel and Vehicle Support, Training Support, Test and Data Collection Support and more.

- Planning and maintenance Support
Support given during the design phase to eliminate the possibility and frequency of failures and to ensure the continuity of the system.

- Spare Parts Support
Stocking and planning customer-made or outsourced spare parts

- Test and Commissioning
Commissioning the system and then performing periodic tests,

- Preventive Maintenance and Troubleshooting
After the test process, it is the stage of performing maintenance and eliminating any malfunctions.

- Service Line Support
The faults that come to our 24/7 call center service are fixed.

- Personnel Support
Personnel and vehicle support is provided if needed

- Training Support
Training is given to the customer about the products and operation in the system.

- Repair Support
Defective products are repaired or replaced

- Storage Support
Delivery of the system to the field, packaging of the products

- Clearance Support
Customs clearance of foreign products required for the system 

ILS Our Customers;


SMA, the leading global expert of photovoltaic system technologies and energy solutions, has been working with DEKOM Inc. Co. since 2013. provides ILS services through our company within the scope of service partner agreement with


ZTE Turkey,

We have been providing ILS service for ZTE since 2013, serving in the telecommunication, telephone, infrastructure, software, corporate network solutions, M2M, data transmission devices, accessories and tablet sectors.


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